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The Gold Club - All New For Center City Philly
By: Andrew Seawell
Original Article

The Gold Club:

1415 Locust Street, Philadelphia PA




     "Hey, Joe, where ya going?"

     "I'm going to the Office."

     "Why?  It's after 5pm.  Besides, our office is back that way."

     "You don't understand.  I'm going to the Office for Happy Hour."

     "I spend 8 hours there every day and none of them are happy."

     "I can't wait to see all the exposed tits and swaying heinies!"

     "Are you having some sort of wild party with the secretarial pool?"

     "I'm talking about the dancers at the Office!"

     "I work at the same company you do.  We don't have any dancers."

     "No, silly, the topless dancers at the Office, a go‑go bar at 15th & Chancellor."

     "Chancellor?  I've never heard of that street."

     "It's right by Old Original Bookbinder's."

     "Bookbinders?  Chancellor Street?  This must be some swanky club, eh?"

     "No, it's a dive.  And Chancellor Street is just an alley.  Follow me!"


All of that is a dialogue lodged decisively in the past.

     Bookbinder's closed.  The dive that was the Office was renovated into an upscale gentlemen's club called the Celebrity Room.  Then it was renovated again into the Gold Club, affiliated with one of the largest and most successful gentlemen's club chains in the country.  Pretty soon, it won't even have its entrance on Chancellor.  Instead, the club will open up on Locust and you won't have to walk down the short alley that is Chancellor to get in.


     The new address will be 1415 Locust Street, which will put it just a little west of a number of upscale hotels also located on Locust.


About the Club:

     The neighborhood lies on the cusp of two areas.  West is Center City's upscale office district with upscale office buildings & hotels.  East lies City Hall and some sleazy neighborhoods surrounding the politicians.  By upgrading their facility, the Gold Club seeks to reflect the upscale businessmen who work in that district and the upscale tourists staying in the hotels instead of the working class people who live to the east.  Consequently, the Gold Club is doing everything they can to help to gentrify their block and raise property values.


     One of the first things I did after returning to Philadelphia from my trips (described elsewhere) was to call the Gold Club and schedule this photo shoot.  The magazine's other staff photographer, Gary Bell, & I arrived the following Wednesday evening.  He drove.  I was willing to pay for us to park in a garage, but Gary was able to find a spot on the street.  When we returned at the end of the night, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that we didn't get a ticket.  Don't presume you'll have the same experience, but know it is possible.


     We entered the club from Chancellor.  The sign for Bookbinder's is still up.  Chancellor is to the left, just north of Locust.  The sign for the Gold Club was easy to find.


     Despite being affiliated with one of America's largest club chains, the Gold Club is physically one of our area's smallest clubs.  It is nonetheless a small rectangle.  From Chancellor, the longer line of that rectangle led away from the door, parallel to 15th Street.  This part of my description, at least, will still be true once the new entrance is open as Locust is directly opposite Chancellor.


     From Chancellor, we entered into a very small foyer.  To the right of this are the club's three champagne courts.  These champagne courts are also be used for $30 V.I.P. couch dances.  All of this will be on your far left when you enter from Locust.


     Running along the wall near Chancellor is the bar.  It's not a particularly large or dominating bar as it lies along one of the club's shorter lines.  In front of the bar is the club's only stage.  Given their size, there can only be one.  Surrounding the stage are clusters of wheeled gentlemen's club chairs.  Given the wheels, the exact locations of these chairs are not fixed.  In what was the far right hand corner of the club is the couch room.  This will be the near left corner from Locust Street.


Settling In:

     From the foyer, we met with general manager Chris.  I know Chris as a DJ from Erotic Cafe (another physically small club) and the OakfordChris is a past winner of "Best DJ".  I ran into him again last month at Signatures during their Bikini Contest.


     Gary stopped to flirt with barmaid Tracey while Chris gave me grand tour, with special emphasis on the new couch room and champagne courts.  The tour didn't take long.  Afterwards, I decided to shoot in the dressing room because it has lighter‑colored walls and brighter lighting than elsewhere in the club.


     When I returned to Gary, the first dancer I saw was Charisma, my Las Vegas drinking buddy.  Charisma won the Bikini Contest at Signatures last month and they flew her out to Las Vegas to participate in the national Bikini Contest sponsored by  I ran into her there and you'll find the details in "Clubs Elsewhere".


     I'd learned that Charisma now dances at Gold Club & Signatures, so I'd promised to let her know when we'd be shooting.  Her number was discontinued, so I'd failed to reach her.  So I was surprised but happy when she turned out to be the first dancer I saw in the club soon after we walked through the door.


     While we settled in, I flirted with a beautiful dancer named Jamie, dressed provocatively in fishnet.  With a pretty face and sexy curves, I was quickly taken with her.  Now add Jamie's vivacious personality and I was further attracted.  However, she declined to pose for us.


(Photo) Shooting The Dancers:

     Gary & I set up to shoot in the dressing room and waited for our victims to come to us.  The first of these was Delilah.  She was familiar to Gary though, for some reason, she was slow to recognize him.



     Delilah wore a sheer black dress with a plunging neckline.  The only thing to leap out at us quicker than her perky natural breasts was her large radiant smile.  Though she had plenty of shiny jewelry in the vicinity of her face (a necklace & earrings) nothing could outshine her smile.


Jenna N

     Jenna N is a brunette with a mane of reasonably short curly hair.  Her eyes are blue and her smile is also bright. Jenna was wearing an interesting black three‑piece outfit.  At first only two of these pieces were showing, but she turned out to have a matching g‑string.  The two outer pieces both featured lots of thick laces surrounding exposed skin.  Once Jenna removed her shorts, we were more fully able to admire her buns.



I first met Ginger last fall at Purple Orchid.  She had on the perfect Eagles outfit and I featured her in their ad.  I'd thought she was even more attractive out of the outfit and I was looking forward to using less covered photos of Ginger.  However, the following month she was gone and I shelved her photos.     Last month, I ran into her again at Signatures while I was waiting for the Bikini Contest to begin.  This month, she asked why I hadn't listed her in "Lost & Found".  I was able to prove to her that I had.

     The first thing anyone notices about Ginger is her flame red hair, so orange that it could only have come from a bottle ‑‑ or a packet of tang.  To her credit, she has dyed her eyebrows to match.  I know a number of women with auburn or even chestnut hair who insist that they're redheads.  Not next to Ginger they're not.

Her hair is otherwise short but full‑bodied with ends that flip up.  Ginger also has pale blue eyes and a pleasant smile.  Her pale skin is freckled just as you might a redhead's skin to be.   Altogether, you might say Ginger is very colorful.

     Ramping up the color quotient, Ginger was wearing an interesting and extremely colorful fall foliage patterned outfit that was a dress on top and bellbottomed pants at the bottom.  Her outfit was so colorful that I started to get carried away shooting photos of her in it and was slow to ask her to take it off.  Fortunately, Gary kept his head.

     Ginger began slowly, pulling down the back of her outfit while standing with her back to us.  Turning around, she kept her hands over her breast for several shots, then just relaxed and revealed her splendor.

     Ginger has impressive natural breasts.  Yet her best asset is probably her ass.  Ginger has the sort of buns that jut or swell most pleasingly from her trim waist & thighs.  I could tell that from her tight pants, but her buns were even more impressive once released from their hiding place.



     Next up was blonde Angelica who had yielded her original spot in our order to Ginger.  Continuing on a theme of great buns, once Angelica lifted her dress, I was strongly impressed.

     Also colorful, Angelica's short dress was a white strapless sheath with explosions of pink and purple.  Allowed to fall down naturally, her dress just barely covers her buns, but it was well worth it to prevail upon Angelica to raise it higher.

     Angelica is a pretty girl with shoulder‑length wavy blonde hair and blue eyes.  Unfortunately, she's not that photogenic, so I've struggled to find photos that won't do her too great an injustice.  It's odd how a face that looks so pretty in person so often found just the wrong facial expressions captured on film.

     For a while there, we'd had quite a throng of willing models ‑‑ always a good thing.  Just as Angelica was almost ready to begin, Ginger came back.  Ginger had already signed a model release previously and thus was ready to begin sooner.  Meanwhile, Naudia was clamoring to be included.  Since Naudia is quite pretty, I was more than happy to shoot her, but I did not wish for her to stand around waiting while we shot two other girls.  So I suggested that she come back ‑‑ more than once.  This made me feel bad, as if I was neglecting her.  So I want to make it absolutely clear that my only concern was monopolizing too much of her time.



     When Naudia finally got her rightful place in front of our cameras, she didn't waste a moment.  A natural model, Naudia was full of great ideas for poses and flashed from one to the next.  It was an exhilarating experience.  I was glad we had our new digital cameras to help us keep up.  It's nice to know we'll never have to stop to change rolls of film.

     Naudia is a dark beauty, with gleaming brown eyes and a ready smile.  During her photos, Naudia was less prone to smiling, preferring more exotic and glamorous looks.  She has red hair, but unlike Ginger, hers is a more plausible shade of red, almost copper.

     Naudia has athletic arms, shapely legs, and nicely rounded buns.  She's not just slender, she's toned and athletic with a flat stomach and a muscular back.

     Naudia had on an interesting outfit as well.  It was a zebra‑print with flowers superimposed on top of the zebra stripes.  It was a dress with tiny fabric links between a skirt and top, revealing most of her flat stomach and athletic back.

     Once we'd finished shooting Naudia our backlog disappeared and we actually found ourselves with nothing to do for a while.  I went back into the club and rounded up Charisma.



     Going into this shoot, I'd thought about using Charisma on the cover.  I met her last month.  I'd seen her in Vegas earlier this month.  She'd won the Bikini Contest.  She seemed like she'd make an excellent link joining together disparate elements of this issue.  Besides, she's extremely pretty and charismatic.

     Another thing about Charisma is that she's quite photogenic.  Gary & I loved what we were seeing through our viewfinders and in our preview screens.  And now I love all the photos we took.  I'm not sure how many rolls of film we would have used up if we were still shooting film.

     I do know that there were too many photos altogether for me to edit on a computer screen.  And it isn't exactly easy trying to winnow the field down to just the few we need no matter how or where or in what medium I do it.  The truth is that there are quite a lot of great Charisma photos that we could have used on the cover and quite a few more that we could have used in this article ‑‑ which is a good thing.

     Charisma has long straight auburn hair that reaches more than halfway down her back, or if shifted to the front, falls gently to the base of her breasts.  Her hair is thick and full‑bodied and I got the idea to literally cover her breasts with it as a potential cover pose.  Over the years, we've run a lot of photos of girls with their hands over their breasts, but not too many using their hair to do the job.

     Charisma has pretty eyes that are either green or hazel.  She has a winning smile that lights up her face.  Yet Charisma is one of those rare girls who still look good when not smiling.  So I tried shooting both expressions in most of the suggested poses.  She looked pretty both ways, but I guess I prefer smiles because I like to think about happy girls.

     In Vegas, Charisma had bragged about her natural breasts ‑‑ in contrast to the fake breasts of the feature dancers.  But until I saw her at the Gold Club, I'd never seen Charisma's breasts.  Now that I've seen them I can attest that they surely are worth bragging about ‑‑ infinitely superior to the best work of saline or silicone.

     Charisma also has an admirable trim waist that makes her chest all the more impressive.  Her legs are shapely and her buns well‑rounded.  Altogether, she's a very pretty and sexy girl.

     Yet one of the best aspects of Charisma is her personality.  She'd quickly won me over last month when I shot her at Signatures.  She had no trouble winning over Gary during this shoot.  She'd even been able to project her personality across an entire crowd at the national Bikini Contest in Las Vegas and quickly became that crowd's favorite ‑‑ despite the many feature dancers present.

     I was so impressed with Charisma that I not only made her our covergirl, I added her to our Dream Team to appear at Classic Night on Wednesday, November 10th.



     The last dancer we shot was Sunny.  Not just partly sunny, her smile just beams.  Sunny is also a blue‑eyed blonde.  Her thick, straight dark blonde hair falls to her shoulders.

     Gary asked if Sunny had ever been told she looks like a TV character, "Topanga" from Boy Meets WorldSunny said she'd heard that and that she'd also been compared to some famous actress.  However, I caught the resemblance to "Topanga" and immediately started thinking that would be a more distinctive stage name than Sunny.  So forgive me if I slip and call her "Topanga" in the future.


VIP and Couch Dances:

     At this point, I decided I needed to more thoroughly check out the club's couch dance facilities.  So I bought a couch dance from Charisma.  Then I bought two V.I.P. dances from her to see if they'd be noticeably different.  The VIP dances are both more private & more expensive, but don't seem to be noticeably different in quality.

     I also decided to buy a couch dance from Ginger, whose sexy body had been turning me on during the photo shoot.  Ginger gives a great couch dance in which she uses her pretty face to good effect.  I also tried two V.I.P. dances from Ginger.  These were also great but of similar quality to her couch dance.

     While I was having my idea of fun, Gary had his.  He lured barmaid Tracey into the dressing room for some photos.  After several tame shots, Gary talked Tracey into posing in her bra but without her blouse.  Given that her blouse was reasonably low‑cut, this primarily reveals more stomach than the full outfit did.  However, I would be remiss if I failed to show you one of these later photos.  Tracey's tight leather top may have left a few small lines on her skin, but I hope these are undetectable in this reproduction of her photo.

     Tracey has shoulder‑length blonde curly hair and brown eyes in a pretty face.  She is also an attentive bartender and kept the crowd's throats wet throughout the evening.


Contact Information:

The Gold Club

1415 Locust Street

Philadelphia PA



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